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HebeCell Corp (“HebeCell”) today announced that it has successfully closed a US$53 million Series A financing to advance its unique off-the-shelf pluripotent stem cell (PSC)-CAR-NK products into clinics. This strategic investment is led by Jacobio Pharmaceuticals (“Jacobio” 1167.HK), who will collaborate with HebeCell to develop the next-generation PSC-CAR-NK therapy for cancer, viral infection, and autoimmune diseases.
Ankarys Therapeutics Inc. (Ankarys), Applied StemCell, Inc. (ASC), and HebeCell Corp. (HebeCell) announced that they have entered into a strategic collaboration to co-develop allogeneic induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) NK cell therapeutics targeting hematological malignancies.
As our understanding of stem cell biology surges forward, new investigational therapies are rapidly advancing towards and through clinical trials. This special Toronto event “From Stem Cell Biology to New Therapies” will highlight current clinical applications of stem cell therapies. The program features world-renowned leaders in translational research from academia and industry, and will include an interactive panel that will discuss the regulatory challenges of translational stem cell research.