Our company is named after Hebe, the Greek Goddess of Youth. While we do not possess Hebe’s mythological power of restoring youthfulness, we have developed breakthrough technologies focused on fighting disease and restoring health at the cellular level.

our Mission

Our mission is to develop and commercialize cell-based therapeutics to treat incurable diseases and contribute to the fields of regenerative medicine and immuno-oncology.

Our strengths

  • Groundbreaking, patented technology with proven results
  • Leading biologists and researchers
  • Collaborative, clinical approach


  • ProtoNK™ Manufacture Platform and Clinical Application
  • Retinal photoreceptor progenitors (RPRPs)
  • Nanoproteins

What We Do

Patented and trademarked scalable ProtoNK™ cell technology is the heart of our work here at HebeCell. The process of producing NK cells indefinitely is simple, but the results and possibilities are limitless. We have been researching and developing this technology since 2016, and we are working hard to get it ready for clinical trials.

NK Functional Assay

The PSC-NK Bioreactor

Scalable and versatile natural killer cell bioreactors.

As innate immune cells, natural killer (NK) cells are capable of killing cancer and virus infected cells. Our scientific team has developed a patented ProtoNK™ manufacturing platform. Our unique approach is to recreate the natural in vivo hematopoiesis in the environment of a single-use bioreactor. In contrast to the common manufacturing approach which requires exponential NK expansion, the scalability of the ProtoNK™ platform allows us to produce sufficient amount of NK cells with only limited expansion. This will translate into more potent and less exhausted NK cells. With this patented, scalable system, the possibilities are limitless.

Unlike CAR-T cells, HebeCell’s ProtoNK™ cells are allogeneic — that is, they are not specific to any single patient or indication, so once they have been produced, any patient can use them. This creates the opportunity for off-the-shelf cancer treatments that can be stocked in the oncology department of any hospital.